Muralidheran Srinivasan
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Mourning the death of Jobs

By Muralidheran Srinivasan

I do not know you, I have not met you, I have not worked with you yet your death is a personal loss. Not just for me but for the millions who are staying hungry and staying foolish.

You have left us with your creation that can fit in our palms, in our pockets and in fact in our ears .

You fore saw and revolutionized the way that music is heard around the world. I never got close to music before I used iPod. You revolutionized the word Innovation to make a great sense and you revolutionized the way people think and act and they started to like what they did.

You will be deeply mourned and missed and you can never be forgotten. Your 3 stories of your life would echo in many of generation next schools and colleges as a true example of a Mentor, Leader, Inventor, Innovator, Visionary, so on and so forth. We will miss you Steve :(

PS : I wanted to updated my blog but I have never thought I would update for this reason.