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Mourning the death of Jobs

By Muralidheran Srinivasan

I do not know you, I have not met you, I have not worked with you yet your death is a personal loss. Not just for me but for the millions who are staying hungry and staying foolish.

You have left us with your creation that can fit in our palms, in our pockets and in fact in our ears .

You fore saw and revolutionized the way that music is heard around the world. I never got close to music before I used iPod. You revolutionized the word Innovation to make a great sense and you revolutionized the way people think and act and they started to like what they did.

You will be deeply mourned and missed and you can never be forgotten. Your 3 stories of your life would echo in many of generation next schools and colleges as a true example of a Mentor, Leader, Inventor, Innovator, Visionary, so on and so forth. We will miss you Steve :(

PS : I wanted to updated my blog but I have never thought I would update for this reason.



By Muralidheran Srinivasan
What makes Chennai a different city from all major cities in India?

..well Beaches, naaa
..well Food, nope!
..well People, no different.
..well then, Economy and the Government, could say yet not the right answer.

TO admit, lots of people feel, what exactly make Chennai different from all other cities is the CLIMATE....Why ?

Because, there are only 3 different climatic types, unlike other cities.

Viz., Hot..HOTTER and the HOTTEST ! :D

Voting vis SMS.

By Muralidheran Srinivasan

"Indeed a good idea, with proper authorization of voters identity.
I voted today at Chennai and I wonder, if a complex Poll method can be digitalized, why could not the Government digitalizes the Voters Candidate checklist? At present, there is a member of EC checks for the voter (for identity and stuff) with a bundle of paper. If it is digitalized, it is very easy to find out the voter, who is mapped to that constitution and also can reduce the human error by a good percentage.
Yet again, there should be proper training given to EC member and well, I believe it is possible. Considering the IT boom in India. I assume most of the literate people in India knows how to operate a computer, if not it will not be a rocket mechanism to learn it."

Why does that girl giggle?

By Muralidheran Srinivasan
Why does that girl giggle?
Why does that girl giggle?
does she spot a funny fiddle
or a paradox in a lost riddle?
does she watch the movie Stuart Little?

Does she take a trip to the ghetto on her getz?
does she see the illusion of the ignorance and hate -
after their wine glass was made empty to fill their mind with ecstasy
does she hear a stupid opinion?? Is it to hide her hidden shame
or to play a foolish game, for her own intentionally seductive charming,
or Does she spot another Girl Giggled and wondered why that Girl Giggled ? !!!

..... okay now ! I am back to work...

World War II

By Muralidheran Srinivasan

This too cool. Must watch and read .....


The two Music Legends : ARR & IR

By Muralidheran Srinivasan
Small bit of conversation between me and my cousin over this weekend...

R: Please listen to Nan Kadavul songs from IR.
Me:Have listen to nan kadavul ..i believe may be these songs suits for the visuals in the listen it was like..hmmm..not an entertainment!
R: humble point is those songs are not for conveys the mood of the film..the nature of the characters involved..i think u r one among the many who like IR's compositions but r not used to his typical style..may b these songs will be appreciated after 15-20 years, as we praise his 80's and 90's songs now..fine..lets c how d songs sound with the visuals..not to mention about BgMs!!
- A typical IR fan kinda reply..isn't it??
Me: very true indeed!! I do agree..The contemporary music would get realised in a bad time for IR ! By that time, there would be a conflict of calling it is a Contemporary !! Thats IR for us.. As I said, These song would always goes with the Film Visuals, I cant put in my ipod or walkman and feel the music unless I feel the song with the exact flavor I aint answering like a FAN but as an admirer of music itself. There are songs from ARR as well which would go only with the visuals ! wat say u ?
R : well..i have many points to say but then, it will turn out to be a same old debate..lemme tel u few points atleast..ARR is getting too much hype for his very normal compositions whereas some of the brilliant compositions of IR were not even recognized..d reason for this is very much related to whatevr u quoted as "contemporary" music..people restrict themselves listening to some useless compositions by the recent MDs to showcase themselves as "contemporary" music listeners, so people like me who often listen to IRs compositions(even if it is a new album) were looked like someone who is doing a CRIME..of course i don care about them, bcos i feel those are the ones who are missing a heaven in perfect instance is, 90% of tamil listeners who praise.. "Pray for me brother" won't appreciate "Thiruvasagam" .. "Kannathil muthamittal"  BGMs won't appreciate "Hey Ram" BGMs.."Aayutha ezhuthu" songs won't appreciate "Virumandi" question is, if people were unable to appreciate IRs recent achievements.
Me: ARR is getting too much hype - To be honest with you: ARRs "Jai Ho" Sdog Mill. Is not his own the bestest song but then, its not the HYpE it has taken him to this level, Its the film production crew and director. If the same movie directed by a Indian music director this would have been a diff scenario.Also, the reason for ARRs music getting very easy recognition is that, he utilises the crew who ever availalbe in that country along with his own musicians from India. This helps a lot bcos this is globalisation of Indian music and recognition as well. Also, I need to tell something here, why IR is not flexible in his own composition. He is fixed with his own style of creation. Whichever he used to do. The word contemporary bit related to " Kaalathirku Aethathupol" ..when society turns to right .current MD is givng what audience see it on their RIGHT. It should be like that..If you just play the music which tells the other side...its like a music gone unnoticed. No point in worrying about it.
Virumandi did not go unnoticed! There are people who will fall for UNNAVIDA song.Its a classic! Sametime, I do not listen all the tracks from Virumandi ..I dont want to listen to oppari songs from my IPOD. It dwells good with the film but cant take it for soothing my ears. THIRUVASAGAM,Blame the soceity..honeslty tell me: how many from SVCE from ur batch belongs to Chennai Who know to speak thamizh? Its just a way similar to that. Language plays a
vital role.
R:my question is, if people were unable to appreciate IRs recent achievements, how they are going to realize that he has achieved a lot when he released "How to Name it" and "Nothing but Wind"?
Me:People who realising the fact are almost music lovers and knows about the music technically ..and for that IR would get accolades.The people who did not know that IR got accolades for the music which they were not appreciating, some among them might start realising that there is a magic in it, for others are considered to be just a come and go audience, which we can least bother about. Precisely, Late realisation accolades are termed as "Life Time Achievement Award" thats my opinion. 
Also, dont forget, ARR's album, ROJA had came into Time Magazines top 10 sound tracks after how many years?? just a comparison..this makes us proud as well.
For the work u do in June u get the appraisal only on a year end or the half year end ..not at the same moment, So its just like that.
R:i am feeling proud indeed for ARR's global recognition..but there is one more genius whom ARR himself quoted as "Living Genius" who is not globally recognized, given the fact that he is at least equally talented as ARR (rather than mentioning more talented than ARR which you don't accept, i guess)..ROJA got mentioned in Time..good..happy..very happy..but why not ANJALI or HEYRAM..!!U recognize a artist in his peak, u will get more wonders from him..think of a situation where ARR was not at all recognized outside TN..i am afraid, world music wud have lost another genius, not to mention whom dey have already lost
Me:very very honest..OUTSIDE TN ..For a Music Directory to get recognoised in INDia..I would tell u ..He/she must have given notable performance in Hindi!!ITs not mandatory but its the fact..How many people know Thamizh outside TN . Thamizh is a difficult lang..and u might have seen the people above south india telling.."I dont understand anything" so why would I listen to this song. That's very true...Will u listen every other very good songs that released in Hindi .. honestly I do not..Cos I dont understand the lyrics. If IR just give his more creation in Hindi and other languages that outside south India..I am sure that he would be very close to get a huge global recognition. You might argue a music lover would have no lang barriers..i do agree..but not always!!!!
well HEY RAM Recgonised world wide for the music as well. I am not sure that u know the fact or not : "The songs in the movie were composed by Ilaiyaraaja,which were highly acclaimed and ahead of times. Songs composed by another music director we..." refer to IRs wiki.
Do u know ? He is being considered for the "Guinness Book of World Records" for having composed the songs for maximum number of films (above 800 films in all languages) and for having the highest number of full-album hits (ie., all songs in a film are rated as No.1 on the charts)
R: s..i am very well aware of dese records..also he is the first Asian(rather, only Asian if i am not wrong) to conduct music for Royal Phil Harmonic orchestra, London..he has got Gold medal from Trinity college of London for Bass guitar(even b4 he entered into cine industry)..but these accolades gets nullified, when one guy say "Ilayaraja ku rahman maari western music poda theriyathu".."he uses only tabla, violins and flute" dese crap comments were really disgusting.. i agree..IR has given very few notable films in hindi..but what can he do when dose fellows doesn't know to appreciate his music..surprisingly, i have a friend in my office..a north indian fellow..once i was listening to Cheeni kum's theme music in my i-pod..on noticing it, he said on listening to that piece for the first time, he was moved and on seeing it with the film, he literally cried..finally he said they were unlucky to miss IR music.. while a north indian cherishes IRs music, our own tamil people don do that..fine..i don't want dese 
Me:U know?! Tamil audience might not appreciate Cheeni Kum , bcos their equivalent thamizh songs are classic! A north indian appreciated it..its obvious new variety..and u know one north Indian..i know many north indian appreciated it..even i have had seen ppl having the theme song of cheeni kum as their mobile ringtone. There are always people who compare Kamalku rajini mathir style kadayathu - Rajini fans.Kamal Fans: Kamal mathiri versatile ah Rajini panna mudiyathu . My opinion both arguments are crap! WHtever u heard from those ppl about the western music...thats a crap ofcourse. even u said its a crap..why u wanna argue on that! ask em to tell what style of music is punnagai mannan's theme song? aint it westernized long long time back?
R:regarding our discussion about "contemporary" music..IR don have necessity to compose "Kaalathirkku aetrarpol"..he compose only according to the situations given to him..i bet, IR could have given a different dimension to all maniratnam's movie after ROJA(not to take any credit from ARR), but i doubt whtr ARR cud have composed better than IR for all maniratnam's movie b4 Roja..just think of mouna raagam, ithayathai thirudathey, nayagan, thalapathi, agni
natchathiram, anjali..impossible.. leave out maniratnam..think of bharathiraja, balu mahendra, mahendran(johnny, uthiri poookal, mullum malarum), fazil..last but not least, kamal.. not to blame ARR, but he is clearly lacking consistency..i doubt his quality of music, if he would had been in a situation to compose music for these legends, at the same time composing music for some crap directors of that time(even dose songs turned out to be a hit)!! 
Me:I cant argue on that. Its again ARR or IR whos the best...i say they are best in their own skills! We are talking about the recognition, the cause of why there is a lack of recognition for IRs music when compared the ARRs ..I would say one major point as language barrier. People I know who are not a thamizhian would like to ARRs creation in Hindi not in Thamizh. They dont understand the lyrics ..they argue I dont want to listen to an instrumental (for em listening to a song unaware of the meaning for the song is an instrumental) u cant blame them as well.
Also, When you talk about these legends,well ARR was very much alive when these legends were actively making their film and they just approached IR. i know that time, they are just like the horse with the blinders...see only IR. You can also argue that time why did ARR get the recognition very late despite of his excellent jingles for the AD industry. Its all about the time. It happens to every celebrity. 
not to blame ARR, but he is clearly lacking consistency..i doubt his quality of music - I cant argue. We are clearly not qualified to discuss on the quality of music.

Argument would continue soon....

Story : I am an Idiot

By Muralidheran Srinivasan